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I’d like to start my new blog on online advertising by telling why I love advertisement (in general, not when I’ watching How I Met Your Mother on CBS though) and why I chose to focus on online advertising.

People sometimes use blanket terms much too often to their conveniences and rarely understand what they actually mean or imply. Words like “freedom”, “culture” and “economic crisis” spread all over the news. But what exactly are they? By asking this question, I do not mean that we should all go look through the simple plain one-sentence English offered by Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, but that if a child asks you what “media” means, are you able to explain to him/her not only what defines “media” but also what its impacts are on our lives?

The notion of “media” came to me when I was reading 1984 by George Orwell. The anti-utopian novel depicts a totalitarian country whose government functions as a giant propaganda machine. The “Big Brother” (nobody knows what that is, or who that is) use myriad ways to control public mind without people’s realizing that they are brain-washed. That is both the downside and the upside of media, or advertisement, depending on who you are siding with.

In 2005, my cousin from L.A. bought me two bestsellers, Blink and The Tipping Point, which I read immediately and was mesmerized by. While some especially scholars dismiss bestsellers as too mainstream and shallow, I happen to be one of those who find them refreshing and enlightening. (After all Stephen Hawking wrote bestsellers, many of them!) The two books brought my attention to a brand new field of interest, psychology.

Besides my double major of Chinese and English at Beijing Foreign Studies University, I also pursued a double degree of economics at Peking University. Naturally I became curious about the business sides of every story and found out that I could make much more sense of the world with the small amount of knowledge that I acquired!

The recipe for advertisement: Advertisement = Media + Psychology + Business

So basically that explains why I want to make specific sense about advertising. And here goes the online part. When Adam proposed online advertising, I was skeptical, not about the topic itself, but about myself being an “online” person. Honestly I am an internet idiot. I check my email, read news and check out some blogs everyday, sometimes go to facebook and twitter (sometimes because in order to do so in China we have to “climb” out of the Great Firewall of China, which blocks nearly all of the social networking websites, such as Picasa, Youtube and even imdb and wikipedia for a while.) But that’s it! I had no idea why or how people kept “poking” each other on facebook and what the little sign of “@” meant on twitter.

I thought about me writing online stuff. It only gave me goosebumps and not in a good way. But later I came to think that there is really no point of writing on a topic that you are already an expert in. Imagine myself opening a blog on how to be a Chinese? Never. (A good Chinese, probably.)

I like the idea of getting out of my comfortable zone and really begin to get to know something I don’t normally have the motive to learn. That’s the whole point of studying abroad, experiencing something new, uncomfortable and gives you goosebumps.

So let this blog “omnipresentad” be the witness of my learning process.


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