Fuel Advertisement Campaign Using Rocket Science?

September 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Rocket Fuel Inc. has landed a deal of $10 million venture capital led by Nokia Growth Partners today, according to Mediapost.

The startup company founded by three Yahoo veterans in 2008 is “bringing rocket science to display advertising”, by “combining demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent and social data with its own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis to find active customers”.

The company is trying to refine online advertising by narrowing down their targets. It is one thing to show a list of “products you may like” after the customer just load their shopping cart, yet another to read people’s mind when viewers use search engines or browse morning news.

Rocket Fuel boasts itself to be “the first intelligent ad serving technology platform that combines the best of social, behavioral, contextual, geographical, search and other data sources to understand consumer interest and intent”.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the “rocket science” is just a bluff or is there really nerdy stuff in it. How does it differ from current ad network? So I searched its website for an answer. And it turned out that Rocket Fuel use a more complexed model (more difficult math) to get to the right group of audience.

It helps optimize a campaign by continuously refining advertising strategy. “What page is the ad on, what user is going to see it, what time/day of week is it, and somewhat more fancy things like what data partners may have shared about the particular user, or even weather (“rain today, think I’ll do my taxes.”)”

The dating mantra applies here – to show up at the right time in the right place.

Ad optimization is a promising business – investors are nodding their heads, bulks of money is pouring in. I mean just take a look of its clientele.


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