Interview with Shopkick cofounder and CTO Aaron Emigh, Part II

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ella:  [6:40] So far, how many partners do you have? Is it just Macy’s, Best Buy, American Eagle, Sports Authority, and some other brands? But when I walk into a supermarket, I can also scan the products from P&G and Kraft. In a different way, they’re partners with you?

Aaron:  [7:25] That’s right. There are a couple different kinds of partnerships. The partners that we have on the retail side that we’ve announced are Best Buy, Macy’s, Sports Authority, and American Eagle Outfitters. We also have a partnership with Simon Malls, which is the largest mall operator in the country. We’ve also … it’s been announced that we’ve signed a partnership with Target. [7:54] There’s also a series of partnerships on the brand side, and that’s what you’re talking about with Proctor and Gamble and with Kraft, where we can offer incentives for users to interact with their products in a wide variety of stores, whether they’re partners or not. As well, we’ve worked on making sure that there’s an experience for stores that are our partners even when the brand isn’t there.

[8:24] So we have them offer check‑ins and potentially other capabilities in the future for stores that are not partners and that don’t sell products that are made by partners. But over time we’ll be significantly expanding that sphere of partners, both the retail partners and the brand partners.

Ella:  [12:32] Do you have any plans to work with smaller businesses?

Aaron:  [12:40] . Yeah. I can’t really comment on the specifics of our future product plans and strategy, but certainly people will spend a lot of time and money and have important relationships with both large businesses and small businesses. We’re interested in the totality of that ecosystem, ultimately.

Ella:  [13:01] So people everywhere in the US can use Shopkick, or it’s just some major cities?

Aaron:  [13:11] Yeah, people anywhere in the US can use Shopkick, However, at this time the rewards for walking in are available just in select metropolitan areas. So it’s available in the San Francisco Bay area, LA, New York, and Chicago. We will be rolling out in additional markets over the coming months but that’s where that functionality has started. That’s where the availability and that functionality has started. In the future we will be rolling that to other markets. In the meantime nationally you can use the app, you can see what’s around you, you can check in, and you can get rewards for scanning products, and you have access to the rewards [inaudible 13: [13:46] 56] . So the product is available and functional throughout the United States but the walk in functionality is initially restricted to a few areas.

Ella:  [14:09] How many users have subscribed to this service?

Aaron:  [14:13] I can’t comment on that.


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