Interview with Shopkick cofounder and CTO Aaron Emigh, Part III

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ella:  [14:15] Can’t, OK. I read some articles on the incentive problem because people say in order to get a gift card you have to gather a lot of kickbucks. So do you think that it’s a strong enough incentive for people to check in every day?

Aaron:  [14:46] Yeah. So what we’re seeing based on the usage of the application is that people really like the application and that our user base is very energized and engaged, and they’re using it regularly. So that’s a good indication that the incentives are pretty good and the application. [15:03]

At the same time, we’re always working to improve it and we are doing that from two directions. The first direction is increasing the number of partners that are participating in our programs and that are awarding kickbucks and trying to find additional ways to bring more money into the ecosystem that can be provided to our customers.

[15:28] And the second piece is that the rewards model, which is where you decide how to cash out your kickbucks is something that we’re constantly evolving and we’re always trying put things in there to have a very high value for consumers. We’re trying to create as much value as we possibly can for our consumers because we want that value proposition to be really compelling when they are using the application. As I said, indications are that our users are finding it valuable but we’re always working to make that better.

Ella:  [15:59] What do you think is the most important factor in deciding the future of Shopkick?

Aaron:  [16:29] I think there are a variety of factors. I mean the first is the just the continuing spark from the penetration and that’s something that we absolutely believe is happening. And obviously more and more people using the application and more and more partners at which it’s available. [16:50] Ultimately, our goal is to transform shopping to make it into a very personal, rewarding, and fun experience for everybody. And that mans a lot of different things. That means that we want everybody to be using it, that we want it to be applicable everywhere that people are going. We will just keep working to make it more and more rewarding, more and more specific to the needs and the desires of the people who are using it, and more and more fun and engaging.

[17:29] So I don’t think there’s one factor in the success of Shopkick. I think we are off to a good start but we are just going to keep learning from our users and understanding what it is that they want most out of shopping that hasn’t been possible now and try and provide that.

Ella:  [17:48] Some applications can be linked to Facebook and social networks. Is that a direction Shopkick is going?

Aaron:  [18:01] Well, we have another product also called CauseWorld, which is a charitable giving application that allows you to earn points from checking in to businesses and then donate those points as cash donations to charities of your choice. And with CauseWorld we offer user’s the option to publish their charitable donations and so on to Facebook. And that’s been a very popular feature there. [18:32] So we are always looking at ways that users can share their experiences with others in a way that they want to. It’s very important for us that we don’t just start blasting stuff out because we want it out there. We want to make sure that it serves the needs of the users. But certainly most of life is social on some level and so there are a lot of different things in the future that we can do to sort of capture the social aspect of shopping as well.



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