Like Retargeting, Like-vertising, Likers…

November 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

RadiumOne, an online ad network, debuted its “Liker Targeting” feature early November. The underlying mechanism is simple: track down loyal customers, direct them to the brand’s Facebook page through an ad, and make them “Like” the company. There is really no rocket science here. Nothing revolutionary, or significantly different than retargeting ads, through which users are directed to a webpage, possibly an shopping site of a gadget you have been yearning for a while.

“The targeting methods will not only drive significant traffic to a brand’s Facebook page but increase the likelihood that consumers who go there will “like” the page,” the press release said.

But how can you cash in on “Likes”? How does it translate into profits? It is vital for brands to establish their own presence on social networks such as Facebook. But is “Like Retargeting” going to have a meaningful impact on the brands? I believe what the companies care is not just to increase the likelihood that consumers will “Like” the page, but that actual monetary results. Why make a detour when you can lead potential consumers to an e-commerce website and ask them to purchase instead of “Like”?

“Usually you see an uptick,” said Marc Ruxin, chief innovation officer at Universal McCann who is on RadiumOne’s board of advisors. “Social data helps. Does it solve the broad problem of display and low engagement rates? No, but it makes it moderately to occasionally a lot better than it is now.”

I’d like to see some real success cases of “Like-vertising”.

According to a 2010 Omnicom survey, over 20 million people “like” brand pages each day on Facebook. A click of “Like” takes one second and $0, whereas a click of “place the order” also takes one second, but costs your sweat and tears. That’s the difference.


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