How to Lost Weight in Foreseeable Future

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today’s Freakonomics features a story by James McWilliams on fighting obesity. The Rational War on Fat mentions three ways the government is trying to improve the American diet, reasonable but with little effects.

“By no means have these efforts failed, but considerable evidence suggests that whatever success they’ve achieved has been conspicuously countered by a national waistband seemingly guided by the imperatives of Manifest Destiny. 68 percent of Americans are currently overweight or obese. This figure, moreover, shows no sign of retreating.”

McWilliams’ list:

1. Tax on soda, side-effect: compensate calorie and sugar intake elsewhere

2. Labeling, side-effect: savvy “brand labels so often counteract nutritional data”

3. More accessible healthy food, side-effect: people spare no effort for junk food

My list:

1. Lower average sugar content, side-effect: besides salt and pepper, sugar becomes standard on dining tables

2. Watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show daily, side-effect: people get frustrated and overeat

3. Use smaller packages, side-effect: won’t work for environmentalists (basically everybody in the US)

4. TRY SELF-CONTROL, side-effect: everybody needs a shrink?

It amazes me how much effort the government and other institutions put to promote better diet in the US. There is this stereotype that Asians don’t get fat. Well, I can only say that human anatomy works the same. (I know a sufficient amount of Asians to prove that.) If Asians eat a lot of sugar, junk food, drink a lot of beer and don’t exercise, they get fat too. There are skinny girls in Asia, just as there are skinny girls in America, Europe and everywhere else in the world. While some of them suffer eating disorders, Others don’t. If any of the latter tells you that she eats a lot of fattening food but doesn’t gain weight at all, go eat with her and find out yourself.


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