Central Park Wedding Proposal

December 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

First, reaction: goosebumps, not the good kind.

Music and park is OK, boat is a little too much.

Second, this post has nothing to do with the wedding proposal.

Third, this video is a hoax.

The real title should be Viral Video, One Stone Two Sexes.

The video was released in late October and immediately became viral on Youtube. (Odds are that you have already seen it.) Mashable revealed this week that it is actually a hoax made byMichael Krivicka and former SNL producer James Percelay to promote their new venture Thinkmodo. Michael Krivicka is a video-maker who created videos to convince celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon to follow him on Twitter and succeeded. Thinkmodo, according to Mashable, will launch on January 3, 2011, and “focuses on mining the marketing potential of viral videos.”

The point they want to prove is that with viral videos changing every day and its content becoming richer and richer, advertisers could use one video to target both sexes. And separate campaigns are not needed.

The video attracts women because, well, romance. While some men likes the video for that same reason, others do so for the technology. People are made to believe that the video was captured by hidden cameras and iphone apps that in reality doesn’t exist.

“Since viral videos are both art and science, we wanted to merge both elements to introduce predictability to the videos’ success,” Krivicka says, “as part of our ’study’ we staged an elaborate marriage proposal in Central Park and fused tech and romance to see how well each would be received if merged.”

“Since our video was covered by outlets like Glamour as well as CNET, we learned that, contrary to conventional wisdom, content can be made to appeal to both sexes without lessening the appeal to each,” Krivicka says.

It is a great idea to demonstrate how much potential video advertising has. But does it really mean that campaigns targeting specific types of consumers are unnecessary? Usually the of consumers for a product is very diverse, and can not be categorized only by a dichotomy of genders. Given the fact that demography, age, occupation, ethnicity etc. have to be taken into consideration, it is difficult to create a video that appeals to all of them, especially when the product itself does not.

Also, advertisers try to avoid distractions in their video campaign. If the proposal video is an ad say for wedding rings, then the tech elements wouldn’t exist in the first place. The last thing an advertiser wants to do is to pay for an ad of another product, and in this case iPhone apps.


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